liin nur

I’m a human-centered
researcher, strategist,and futurist. 

This is my portfolio.


Culturally-Informed Futures

Project Description: For my Master of Design Major Research Project, I focused on imagining the evolution of Somali-Canadian identity, three generations into the future. Through the development of collages, short plays, and letters to the future, Somali youth attending my workshops were able to define their sense of identity and explore how this would change in the future. What emerged from this research was a framework to enable communities to envision culturally-informed futures. 

Project Duration: July 2019 - May 2020

Research Design:
︎Detailed literature review in the areas of Future Studies and Somali Studies
︎Expert interviews with Future Studies and Somali Studies scholars
︎Two participatory futures workshops (Toronto and Edmonton)
︎Development of a Framework for Culturally Informed Futures

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︎Published Article (Foresight, 2022)


 Innovation Strategy

Project Duration: Family Services York Region (FSYR) is a counselling and support program provider in York Region. Since FSYR receives and is dependant on a considerable amount of external funding, they were worried about long-term sustainability. The challenge presented to my team and I was: how might FSYR transition from a publicly funded, business model to a model that includes a revenue generating, for-profit component?

Through a foresight-led and customer-centered research design, we were able to develop a 10 year innovation strategy for FSYR and define 13 different innovation opportunities. The client was pleased with these recommendations and began implementing some of the quick wins right away.

Project Duration: May 2019 - June 2019 

Research Design:
︎Environmental scan (SWOT analysis)
︎Defining customer values and needs (Value Proposition Canvas, interviews)
︎Foresight trends analysis (STEEPV)
︎Two focus groups with the FSYR team
︎Exploring new offerings (Business Model Canvas)

︎Caro (Caroline) Kingston
︎Patricia Wong
︎Rodrigo Barreda


 Strategic Workshop Design

Project Description: Operation Prefrontal Cortex (Op-PFC) is a new Toronto-based program that uses the power of mindfulness to help reduce the incidents of violence in the community. Op-PFC wanted to understand the needs of their potential community partners and program participants so that they could begin to offer relevant programs and services.

My team and I worked with Op-PFC to create and facilitate two half-day workshops (one with meditation practitioners and one with community members) held on March 11th, 2019. Five key recommendations emerged from the information gathered in these workshops. This provided the Op-PFC team valuable information to inform a plan on how to move forward.

Project Duration: December 2019 - April 2020

Research Design: 
︎World Cafe (opportunities and barriers)
︎Persona development using lived experiences
︎Day in the life experience mapping (user journey)
︎Feasibilities and benefits prioritization


︎Dr. Dori Tunstall
︎Ian Kamau
︎Greg Choi
︎Charlotte Latraverse
︎Bomi Doh


Hi, I’m Liin! I have over over ten years’ experience working in cross-functional and agile teams, seven of those years working in government.

My curiosity and desire to learn more has made me a strong facilitator and I have excellent workshop development skills with a demonstrated ability to engage diverse groups of all sizes.

I am an empathetic collaborator driven by a desire to problem solve with others.

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If you want to see a ~different~ side of me, I run a film photography blog here where I periodically share some reflections and photos I took. 

“If people come together, they can even mend a crack in the sky” - Somali proverb