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 Innovation Strategy

Project Duration: Family Services York Region (FSYR) is a counselling and support program provider in York Region. Since FSYR receives and is dependant on a considerable amount of external funding, they were worried about long-term sustainability. The challenge presented to my team and I was: how might FSYR transition from a publicly funded, business model to a model that includes a revenue generating, for-profit component?

Through a foresight-led and customer-centered research design, we were able to develop a 10 year innovation strategy for FSYR and define 13 different innovation opportunities. The client was pleased with these recommendations and began implementing some of the quick wins right away.

Project Duration: May 2019 - June 2019 

Research Design:
︎Environmental scan (SWOT analysis)
︎Defining customer values and needs (Value Proposition Canvas, interviews)
︎Foresight trends analysis (STEEPV)
︎Two focus groups with the FSYR team
︎Exploring new offerings (Business Model Canvas)

︎Caro (Caroline) Kingston
︎Patricia Wong
︎Rodrigo Barreda