liin nur

 Strategic Workshop Design

Project Description: Operation Prefrontal Cortex (Op-PFC) is a new Toronto-based program that uses the power of mindfulness to help reduce the incidents of violence in the community. Op-PFC wanted to understand the needs of their potential community partners and program participants so that they could begin to offer relevant programs and services.

My team and I worked with Op-PFC to create and facilitate two half-day workshops (one with meditation practitioners and one with community members) held on March 11th, 2019. Five key recommendations emerged from the information gathered in these workshops. This provided the Op-PFC team valuable information to inform a plan on how to move forward.

Project Duration: December 2019 - April 2020

Research Design: 
︎World Cafe (opportunities and barriers)
︎Persona development using lived experiences
︎Day in the life experience mapping (user journey)
︎Feasibilities and benefits prioritization


︎Dr. Dori Tunstall
︎Ian Kamau
︎Greg Choi
︎Charlotte Latraverse
︎Bomi Doh